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Living the Dream

Every once in a while you hear folks proudly exclaim that they are, “living the dream”. While this may come across in a somewhat Tom Cruise-type fashion, I do believe that most folks are genuinely sincere in their proclamation.
But what is meant by this? Where does it come from?

The reason I am pondering this today is that I found myself saying exactly that a few days ago and caught myself. “Am I really?”, “What do I mean by that?, and, “What dream?”

Upon reflecting on my feelings in the moment and where they originated I do believe it was merely an outpouring of gratitude for all my blessings, challenges, and life circumstances. Quite simple, really. Nothing to do with trappings of success, money, or power. In fact, I am quite humbled by my personal journey and the journey of Zhi Tea so far. It has been awakening to say the least.

So, living the dream must indeed be more about being present in the moment, a sense of true feeling, as opposed to some idea that one is getting what they want. Or perhaps, when one is dialed into their true wantings, the sense of joy is indeed imminent; as the universe generally appears to provide. Provided, of course, that there is some sense of alignment with the desires of the Self.

It seems the desires of the Self in fact do feel like a dream, at times. Remote, vague, and shifting. We see this realm as if through a bank of clouds. Occasionally, the clouds part, clarity is revelead, and we exclaim, “I’m living the dream.”

I heart Groupon

I heart Groupon. I got a half price haircut at the place I already go to and love, Bird’s. I also got a half price box of fab organic produce from the awesomeness that is Greenling.
When they called me a few weeks ago I was totally skeptical. Why would I want to do this? And pay you for putting up some lame ad? It took a bit of discussion and investigation, but I realized that this was an example of the new marketplace and I better get with it. People pay en mass for a deep discount and have 6 months to use the coupon. It drives people to our store who may never otherwise have ventured, and rewards our fans, as well. BOOM.
So I did, and today we are watching the numbers go up for our “$10 for $20 worth of tea at the Zhi Tea Gallery” groupon. It is going at about 30 per hour now. Shockingly cool!
So I am anticipating yelling “100!!” really loudly in about an hour and a half at this rate.

Looking forward to the coincidentally timed Groupon launch party here in Austin tonight at the very nice Paggi House. I get to meet Morgan, the gal who gracefully walked me across the river of unknowing into the world of Groupon.

My initial guess was 146 sold today. I think we might even double that.