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Is it better to purchase Tea Wholesale?


Purchasing tea wholesale is reserved for people who want to act as a partner in our business.  Wholesale purchasers are clients who are going to sell the tea to another party.  This can include restaurants who want to offer our line of tea blends to customers or even health spas that offer the benefits of our herbal blends.  You can even own a small store and choose to carry our teas as part of an organic choice for your clients.

How do I purchase Tea Wholesale from your Company?

It is easy to become a wholesale distributor of our organic tea; all you have to do is complete the application online.  We can offer you tea wholesale for almost any business need.  You still get the same 100 percent money back guarantee as our other clients but you also get a higher discount with high volume order.  We also offer you full time customer service support.

Having healthy holidays with Tea Gifts


Using tea for gifts is the great way to give your friends and family a healthy holiday.  Tea is a great way to supply a healthy alternative to surgery drinks.  It makes a great gift to give because you can order such a wide variety of flavors.  This lets you introduce the people you care about to the healthy alternative of drinking tea.  You can even order sample packets to let them try a wide variety of different flavors.

Using Tea as Gifts for Co-Workers

One of the great things about tea is that you can use tea as gifts for your co-workers.  It can be difficult to purchase presents for people who you only know through a working environment.  You may not want to purchase wine because they may not drink, or buy food in case they have allergies.  With our sample tea packets, you can purchase different types of teas and let them choose the ones that are most appealing.

Do you offer Gift Baskets for Tea Newbies?


We have several different gift baskets, for tea newbies and veterans.  No matter how long you have been enjoying the flavors offered by tea, we can help you find the perfect basket for any occasion.  If you have any questions, or want to order a custom basket, which contains your favorite blends and teas, please call us at 888-944-4832.  One of our customer service agents will be happy to help you create the perfect gift for any occasion.

What are the Options for Gift Baskets with Tea?

We currently offer several different options for gift baskets with tea.  You can choose from a monthly tea club subscription, where you friend, or yourself, would receive a monthly order of our organic tea.  You can choose from herbal, white, black, green, exotic or oolong.  The other option is to choose a one-time gift basket that offers the teas you choose and the accessories to brew the perfect cup.

Can I purchase Tea Gift Baskets for Special Occasions?


We offer a full set of tea gift baskets for any occasion.  We can even create a custom basket that only contains the specific items your recipient likes.  You can combine black tea with green in the same basket and include accessories such as the perfect tea maker and a timer to insure perfect steeping time.  Our gift baskets are priced based upon what they contain, so you will never be paying for something in a basket that no one wants and that will never be used.

I do not know that to get in my Tea Gift Baskets

If you are not sure that the person likes, then you can order one of our pre-packaged tea gift baskets.  These include the items that are most popular with our customers and also include samples of different teas.  You can choose which samples to include, which lets you introduce your friends and family to your favorite tea without wasting an entire order on an item they may not like.

Can I purchase loose-leaf Oolong Tea?


We offer several different varieties of loose-leaf oolong tea for your brewing pleasure.  You can choose anything from an aged bamboo oolong to a Wuyi Oolong that offers you a taste of the mountains in China.  No matter which type of oolong you choose, you will be able to enjoy cup after cup of this fragrant tea.  We even offer a video on how to blend the perfect cup using the ancient methods of tea preparation.

How do you prepare Oolong Tea?

The first step to preparing oolong tea is to get your water at the correct temperature.  The water should be at 200 degrees and you should be careful not to over boil the water.  This raises the temperature, which could burn the leaves and give you a bitter tasting cup.  You add one teaspoon of tea to a 12-ounce cup and let it steep for 3 to 4 minutes.  Remove the leaves before service to stop the steeping process, but do not throw them away.  They can be used two to three times, each time revealing a different flavor from the leaves.