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Bewitching Blood Orange Brew

With Halloween a mere five days away and Halloweekend already upon us, it’s high time for a recipe that will tickle your tastebuds and spook your soul!

This autumn, we have created a concoction with our Blood Orange tea and organic pomegranate Italian soda, topped off with a hand-shaped ice block. Our favorite combination blends iced Blood Orange tea to pomegranate Italian soda at a 2:1 ratio. (Read our iced tea instructions online for best practices!)

The resulting beverage is fruity and tart without a hint of artificial flavoring – a welcome change from the usually corn-syrup-crammed holiday! To make enough punch for a crowd, pour a 750ml organic pomegranate Italian soda into a large punch bowl and brew 1500ml of Blood Orange iced tea. Add your tea to the bowl for a bloody delicious mixture! For the icy hand floating about in your cauldron, follow these instructions. This sweet and scary punch is sure to please at your big Halloween bash!

P.S. For the ghoulishly grown-up version, add vodka as you see fit.

Monday Mashup: Pink Doublemint

Monday MashupThis Monday’s organic tea concoction kept it cool with a combination of our premium Moroccan Mint and Hibuscus Mint teas at a 1:1 ratio. With Texas summer in full swing, we opted to ice our Monday Mashup, and the result was just as refreshing as we’d expected. The icy, palate-cleansing sensations of the fair trade mint tea balanced out the tart and sweet flavors of the hibiscus flower for a truly top-notch summer beverage.

We’re looking forward to blending the same duo together as Ausitn’s “winter” rolls around (we get one of those, right?) and expect that exciting hot/cold sensation as we sip our Pink Doublemint hot tea. So, with our next Mashup just a week away, what new Zhi tea should we cook up? You name it, we’ll try it!

Cold steeping kits for hot summer days

While National Iced Tea Month (June) has melted away, there’s no time like summer to keep sipping on the most refreshing beverage around. As Austin, Texas natives, we know no scorching afternoon is complete without an icy glass of premium Zhi Tea by our side as we lounge by the pool or seek shelter indoors.

Plus, this month marks the 61st anniversary of Alice in Wonderland’s original film release, and we’re thinking that’s as good of an excuse as any to throw a very merry unbirthday tea party with all your favorite organic iced brews and best buddies. So find your best party hat, and nab Zhi Tea’s cold steeping kit while the summer’s still hot.

Today, we’re sipping iced Fredericksburg Peach tea from mason jars in that oh-so-Texas style, but we’ve got four other options when we’re all peached out. The cold steeping kits come with Classic Black, Hibiscus Mint, White Blueberry, and Cherry Sencha too; we just can’t get enough of those summery flavors – what about you?

Zhi Tea Super Summer Iced Tea Giveaway!

Get ready for Zhi Tea’s Super Summer Iced Tea Giveaway! It’s your chance to snag a whole bunch of premium organic tea goodness for free!

Every order in July is entered to win:

• One ForLife Mist cold-steeping iced tea filter jug

• Two 24oz. eco-friendly Zhi Tea to-go cups

• One each of our five iced tea kits. Every kit contains four 1oz. filter pouches.

Flavor Varieties: Cherry Sencha • Hibiscus Mint • Classic Black • Pure Peach • White Blueberry

$100 value! Includes free shipping. Winner will be notified August 1st.

08/01/12 UPDATE: Congratulations to our winner, Terry from Texas! Enjoy your iced tea and stay cool!


Green Tea Gifts Make Drinking Green Tea More Enjoyable

People have been drinking green tea and reaping the health benefits of green tea for thousands of years. You may have heard of the potential health benefits of drinking green tea and started drinking a cup or so a day. Unfortunately many who attempt to drink green tea for their health find the taste to be bitter and unpalatable. There are several solutions to this including drinking only loose leaf green tea, trying different varieties of green tea, and learning the proper brewing methods for green tea.

Green Tea Gifts: Variety and Teaware

Get yourself and your loved ones some green tea gifts to really begin reaping the health benefits of green tea while enjoying the taste. At Zhi Tea, you can choose from a wide selection of handpicked green teas as well as purchase useful green tea gifts including infusers, tea makers, tea spoons, tea timers, and everything else you’ll need to brew the perfect cup of green tea.